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The Drifter
Southern Cross

On this project, the artist Silawanebessy, was asked to create a stainglass-applique window where the setting for this chapel should be universal. That is to say that patients of the hospital or their relatives could retreat themselves in stillness. Combined with the blue-ultramarine window the artist created a plate of copper which was covered with 24 carat gold leaves as a point of meditation and as an echo of the tradition of the icons.

Tryptich - Who are we, where are we coming from, where are we going to II -

In this former Philips-building, the location to install images on around wall, the artist chose to produce three paintings as an conversation-piece in the restaurant of DHV-AIB. The idea was partly based on the massive structure of this institute and on the other hand on a famous painting made by Paul Gaugin in the Pacific Ocean on his final stay, where the titel is refering to. Two steel frames with a curved backside are hung on the cylindric walls. The other was classicly straight.

The Collective Memory - Birds

Mupi project, works shown on commercial billboards in the city-centre of Eindhoven during two weeks in december 2003 and two weeks in january 2004.

"New Australia" - 4 april t/m 30 april 1951 - Surabaya - Amsterdam
Amsterdam Centraal Station 2016